Are you in the culture club?

Sam Wilson  |  June 4, 2019

A positive working culture might be the most powerful tool at any organisation’s disposal. With its people on-side, happy and safe, a business can flourish and thrive – with culture proven to boost practically every performance metric.

On the other hand, a toxic or poor culture will not only hamper growth and performance – it will see staff turnover grow and make it almost impossible to attract the necessary talent to replace those who leave. In the UK, poor working culture sits amongst the top reasons for resignation.

Despite this, there is still a significant majority of leaders who consider culture to be a ‘nice to have’ – overlooking not only the significant benefits but the considerable dangers that ignoring your company culture brings with it.

Is your culture working for you, helping you achieve your objectives and supporting your ambitions, or against you? Take the quiz below to find out.

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