You may well have seen a piece that our Founder, Miles re-posted recently about museums and whether they’re doing enough for disabled customers. Despite wildly expensive renovations and updates – reports of broken lifts and ramps, as well as displays that aren’t accessible to all show that there are many museums and galleries are still […]


The true cost of losing an employee…

Sam Wilson  |  October 8, 2019

…in pounds and pence A resignation is never (or at least very rarely) a positive thing. At its most base level, this is an individual making a decision that your organisation is no longer the place they consider to be where they should be – for whatever reason that might be. As leaders, we have […]


Are you in the culture club – white paper

Sam Wilson  |  September 16, 2019

Back in May, we launched a research project to delve into the state of UK working culture – from the perspective of those at the top. Being staunch believers in the powerful influence that an organisation’s culture can have on its overall performance, as well as staff retention and attraction, we wanted to see whether […]