You’ve made a start but there’s still some way to go.

Whilst there are positives that you can build on, there are definitely some issues that we’d recommend addressing, and quickly. Damage is caused a lot quicker than it can be repaired so it’s important that any key issues aren’t ignored.

What next?

The key to any positive working culture is understanding the role that your people play in shaping it. With your employees on your side and working for you, a positive culture should follow.

Do you understand what your people want from you as an employer? Do you believe that they feel a sense of shared purpose in their work? Do all of your people feel like they belong?

Inclusion and belonging are crucial elements of any working culture – every single one of your employees should consider your workplace to be a safe space. They need to feel that they are understood and valued, both as individuals and members of the various internal communities that will exist within your organisation.

It’s up to you now, where are you going to go from here?

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