We’re not gonna lie – it’s not looking great

It looks like there could be some real issues with your company culture we’d recommend addressing urgently. A poor working culture is likely to have a severe impact on your people’s happiness and, in turn, significantly hamper their productivity. Without your people on your side and a culture that supports your ambitions, the likelihood is that you’ll never get where you to be as an organisation.

Our Recommendations

The first thing you need to do is own the situation and show your people that you’re aware that there is a problem. If things are bad then your people will know about it and are likely already talking about it. By getting involved in this conversation, you stand the best chance of getting things back on track together.

Talk to your people about what they want from a working culture and from you as an employer. Find out what they feel are the biggest issues and how they would go about putting them right. Involving your employees in this process will not help you ensure that you have their support moving forward but it also gives them ownership of the process – significantly increasing the energy they’re likely to put behind it.

There are no unsalvageable situations and it is in your power to put things right, it’s just up to you to act now.

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