New Beginnings: Why your company’s future depends on your people

Sam Wilson  |  July 9, 2020

At a challenging time for UK business, leaders are looking for ways to secure the future of their organisations. For so many, survival is the sole focus during these strange times. This is often causing employers to put strategies associated with culture, employee experience and diversity and inclusion on the back burners as they’re less urgent priorities.

However, this overlooks a key factor – these people-based strategies are likely to hold the key to not only surviving at this challenging time, but thriving.

In our new piece ‘New Beginnings: Why your company’s future depends on your people’, we discuss why a focus on culture, employee experience and/or diversity and inclusion will be crucial to your business’s survival. We provide some tips on how to tap into the key insight your people can offer, based on their unique experiences. We also talk about why we’re not using the term ‘new normal’ and will instead be using ‘new beginnings’ as we support organisations in taking advantage of the opportunities available to them.

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