Positive change doesn’t need to be a slow or painful process


An inclusive and diverse environment leads to more creativity, boosted productivity and increased staff loyalty. This means that your best people will want to be part of your growth and will make you a magnet for new talent.

Too often, organisations treat inclusion and diversity as a box-ticking exercise rather than an in-depth look at how they operate, the values they embody and the wellbeing of their people.

By overlooking these key aspects, companies also miss out on the most significant benefits.

True inclusion is about ensuring that everyone feels that they are safe and that they belong. With a culture where this is the case, your people will flourish and your business will thrive.

Look after the people you've already got & be more attractive to those you want.

Eye-opening, honest and totally productive, I highly recommend you step outside your business for a moment and let MVMNT help you see your team's true experience, so you can make it better.
Wendy, CEO - MUTU System



Using our combination of research, positive questioning and conversation, we can help you get your own inclusion & diversity strategy up and running quickly.

Your employee experience and EVP is closely associated with your inclusion & diversity strategy. We offer a dual-track solution that allows you to develop both of them side-by-side.


Where are you trying to go?

We’ll take a close look at what you are trying to achieve as an organisation through your ambitions, mission and values - and help you establish the key challenges you face and how to overcome them.

Where are you now?

With a deep dive into your company culture, we’ll assess the current climate amongst your people - establishing how they feel about you as an organisation, their place within it and what it means to work for you.

What could it mean for you?

We’ll work with you to identify how to increase the inclusivity & diversity of your workforce. This will unlock the potential that already exists to boost employee engagement, bring in different perspectives in your product/service delivery and recruit without bias.

What next?

We will leave you with actionable recommendations for implementing your own unique inclusion & diversity strategy. These steps will have an immediate impact and most will not require further investment - you will quickly ensure that all of your people feel like they belong.

I&D training & workshops for managers

If you already have an inclusion & diversity strategy in place or just want to introduce some new thinking, you might just want to make sure that your management team feel the love. We hold personalised, interactive diversity, inclusion & belonging workshops on-site at your organisation for your senior managers. These half-day sessions cover the true meaning of inclusion, imposter syndrome, unconscious bias and how to be an inclusive leader amongst other things. Your whole business will reap the rewards.