Now We Are Nearly One

Miles Skelton  |  April 20, 2020

My experience of launching a business Hey – It’s MVMNT’s first birthday about now and even tho’ any celebrations are firmly on ice, I’d written this piece before our lives were immeasurably changed by Covid-19 & the impact it is having on us all. My hope is that there is a lasting positive change in […]


It’s all a bit meh

Miles Skelton  |  September 30, 2019

Why is productivity so low in the UK right now? Winter is coming, Woe is me and woe are us (is that a phrase?) As I write the rain has subsided for a while and I’d be able to open the office door to let the world in if it wasn’t for the constant drilling […]


People like to work with people like this The benefits of an inclusive and diverse workforce are increasingly spoken about – especially if you are a regular follower of our ramblings. The majority of the time we talk about retention – looking after the people you have already got. If you haven’t got to be […]


Are you just ticking a box or do you really mean it?

Miles Skelton  |  April 2, 2019

You can be diverse without being inclusive – do all your people feel like they belong? We all tick boxes every day. Mine are mostly to opt out of marketing information when ordering the latest champions league football or LOL Doll that one of my children must have immediately. One particular box ticking exercise remains […]


The C-Word

Miles Skelton  |  March 20, 2019

I’m starting to feel that ‘culture’ is becoming something of a dirty word. When I say that, I don’t mean one that my daughter might end up in “time out” for repeating (she already has plenty of them). I can’t help but feel that it’s becoming rather muddied through over or misuse. Either that or […]


For anyone who has already spent any time on, you’ll have noticed that we divide our offering into two strands ‘Inclusion and Diversity’ and ‘Employer Brand’. Whilst these are undoubtedly two separate offerings, the two are forever entwined in our minds. And, like so many great duos that have come before, ham & cheese, […]


How my MVMNT began

Miles Skelton  |  February 26, 2019

Today sees the launch of my new company, MVMNT. We’re going to help organisations of all sizes become more inclusive, enjoying the rewards this will bring – and sell themselves better to a more diverse candidate pool. I feel like I’ve been building up to this for a long while now and I’d like to […]