We want to help organisations sell themselves better to candidates and be more inclusive to their current employees.

So many organisations find themselves struggling with high staff turnover, difficulties attracting and recruiting talent and an inability to meet performance or growth targets. At MVMNT, we believe that these often-crippling issues can usually be traced back to a lack of inclusion and diversity in the workplace or negative working cultures – and solved through great strategy and employer brand.

We think that everyone should feel that their workplace is a safe space where they can be themselves and have the opportunity to achieve their true potential at work. We can help you make that happen in your workplace.

We’re not here to judge, but to enable. Our passion for helping companies create more inclusive, positive working environments - and brand stories to match - comes from the significant benefits we’ve seen this bring.

We have a hunch that many of the skills shortages we see today, and those of the future, could be alleviated by the huge amount of hidden talent that doesn’t believe there is a place for them in the working world.



MVMNT is a collective drawing on combined experience across creative branding, storytelling and leadership.

We’re new to you, but we’ve known each other for years.

We work with a smile on our face and feel grateful to do what we do. We think we are contributing towards something really worthwhile but it is more than that - any journey we go on with clients has to be fun and creative. We’re hard working and accountable. Open, honest and fair.

Miles Skelton, the founder, has over 20 years’ experience as a high impact leader of organisations across media, tech and digital – most recently overseeing the brand creation, development and marketing for external organisations, transforming their workforce and recruitment experience. The idea of MVMNT was born out of his wife’s experiences, returning to work after the birth of their children – feeling and being most definitely excluded.

But enough about us...

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