Look after the people you've already got & be more attractive to those you want

We want to help organisations create inclusive working cultures & brands that are a true reflection of who they are & who they aspire to be. Using a combination of research, positive questioning and conversation, we provide the tools to develop highly effective strategies and tell great stories.

With a happy workforce and an authentic, engaging brand, your business can realise its true potential and enjoy higher levels of productivity, creativity and profit. You'll also find it easier to hold onto your best people & become a magnet for new diverse talent.

We’re not here to judge, but to enable. Our passion for helping companies create positive working environments - and brand stories to match - comes from the significant benefits we’ve seen this bring.



MVMNT is a collective drawing on combined experience across creative branding, storytelling and leadership.

MVMNT began as a conversation between friends and has since become so much more.

We work with a smile on our face and feel grateful to do what we do. We think we are contributing towards something really worthwhile but it is more than that - any journey we go on with clients has to be fun and creative.

We’re hard-working and accountable. Open, honest and fair.

Miles & Sam, Co-founders & Directors met at a job interview years ago and bonded immediately over beards, music and a love of the same football team.

With shared experience and passion across leadership, strategy, brand & marketing, they set out to start a new venture that would allow them to support and enable positive change for businesses of all sizes.

The idea of MVMNT was born out of Miles’ wife’s experiences, returning to work after the birth of their children – feeling and being most definitely excluded.

But enough about us...

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